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 Specialty Products: Basement Solution

As a Professional Contractor we have used alot of different products on alot of different applications. There are some products that work and some that are a pure waste of time and energy.However that being said there is a new product on the market that we as a company have just started using with unbelievable results in specificly keeping your basement dry.You do NOT have to be a contractor to purchase the product and do NOT have to have special equipment to do the installation.As a matter of fact, DIY homeowners have installed it easily and affectivley just as if you were painting with an oversized paint brush.
25 mil. Crack Flooding
Basement   /    Repair
 This is probally one of the most severe cases  that I had personally seen and we had to find a product that could help this struggling homeowner out of this horrible situation.The Drylock that Lowe's carried would not come close to solving this issue!
  The solution was a state of the art slurry that has Crystalline Technology and penetrates deep into the concrete pores and infuses to the structure for a permanent seal.       

WOW! We as a company had not seen this before.There was alot of products out there,but none could really hold back the moisture/water for extended periods of time like this did.So we joined up with this dryseal company to help people struggling with this same problem that has plauged many basement owners for years and the best thing was that they could do it all theirselves with very simple instructions and if any additional help is needed we take calls & e-mails from all around for 1 on 1 help with a problem. 

So, if you have a similar problematic basement with moisture issue's, then this product is surley the way to rid your basement of all level's of moisture/water and it has a money back GUARANTEE!! 

    So call us for a FREE Consultation!


      "Done Once, Done Right"

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