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Feburary 2013
Work & Family is everything


Feburary 2013
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Feburary 2013

This month was a little slower than usual, however i did a lot of catching up around this    
house asnd shop. We did do a few jobs in the williamsburg area and one in particular i will probably remember for life.Job name was Ms. Silvers and we did some roof ventilation and some black mold eliminating.. We had previously done metal work on the home concerning the guttering by guarding the gutters with aluminum trim coil.The homeowner was so happy with us and our performance and price that they wrote to the virginia gazette and put in a wonderful review of our company.

Work & Family is everything

Business is doing great . My wife & kids are doing great. We have been very blessed this year and our customers have really been super happy. That makes it all worth it to me . God has really has blessed me with work and talent . I'm ready to see whats next .. I love a good challenge. IF GOD IS FOR ME....THEN WHO COULD BE AGAINST ME. Life is good . Thank you Jesus..
                   J.D. butler @ eastvirginiacontractors.
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